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Who We Are

Internet Consulting USA (ICUSA) provides the Internet services your business needs to increase profits and market share.

From web design to SEO marketing to e-shop creation to branding to web hosting and much, much more, when you partner with ICUSA you can count on receiving the fast, effective turnkey solutions that will allow you to get top Google rankings and produce profits beyond your wildest dreams online.

What We Do for You

By leveraging years of experience, innovative thinking and a vast network of internet "thought leaders," ICUSA develops the website and marketing strategies to turn your company into a profit magnet and give you an immediate edge over the competition.

With ICUSA in your corner, you can count on having any or all of the following: broad, relevant market intelligence, an attention-grabbing web presence, highly effective marketing and branding strategies, cutting-edge SEO campaigns, super fast web hosting, extremely easy-to-use ecommerce solutions and much more.

We also offer free web design to government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Our People

ICUSA hires only the most qualified, most dedicated professionals who are committed to helping businesses like yours achieve success on the Internet. Our professionals are all extremely knowledgeable with excellent communication skills. They have extensive experience and work in optimal conditions to ensure you get nothing but the absolute best service.

ICUSA's Benefits 

ICUSA's experts can help you:

  • Launch a successful Web presence in no time that is guaranteed to help you make money instantly!
  • Send traffic and profits soaring - these strategies will put you on the fast track to Internet success!
  • Write and develop kick-butt sales copy that will literally force your prospects to beg for your product, service, or opportunity!
  • Create a content-rich website that turns visitors into buyers!
  • Choose the right domain name for your site … a name that prospects will find irresistible and will never forget!
  • Get your Internet business to reach a local, national, or even global market with the same amount of effort!
  • Incorporate branding into your website so that your business builds credibility and name recognition online!
  • Develop the perfect USP to identify YOU in the marketplace, separating you from the competition for years to come!
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your market niche!
  • Get in-demand, top search engine rankings!
  • Create a never-ending stream of highly-targeted traffic!
  • Pick the best keyword phrases for your business!
  • Create a results-getting, profit-producing Internet business machine that can't be stopped!
  • Create a site that sucks traffic and results from the major engines!
  • Automate your Internet business and eliminate the "normal" stressors that come as a result of starting your own business!
  • And much, much more!

Our Commitment

At ICUSA, we understand the Internet needs and concerns of today's entrepreneurs and businesses and will work with you to ensure your success. Our goal is to help you succeed. After all, your success truly is our success.

To help ensure your success, we offer the superior services and customer support you need to send Internet traffic - and sales - skyrocketing.

When you choose ICUSA as your service provider, you are selecting a business partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority