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Web design and SEO are very competitive business models. As such, strong first impressions are critical. Through many proven years of experience, innovative thinking and a vast network of internet “thought leaders”, ICUSA helps companies get the competitive edge and exposure needed to make that first impression a lasting one as well as maintaining a high ranking SE.

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We provide you with:

  • The most broad, relevant market intelligence available so you can always make well-informed decisions, never leaving anything to chance
  • Web site marketing campaigns that blend traditional SEO (search engine optimization) with targeted keyword marketing, ensuring immediate high search engine rankings … and maintaining those high-demand rankings over time!
  • In addition, we offer web hosting, internet consultation, ecommerce solutions, content management systems, blog creation and much more! (You can count on ICUSA to offer a wide variety of clear and concise Internet service options)

We strive to provide our clients with the broadest and most relevant market intelligence available. In turn, our clients make informed decisions, leaving very little to chance. We offer clear and concise options without hidden fees or unexpected service charges. The most successful web site marketing campaigns are those that blend both traditional search engine marketing (optimizing web pages to achieve better rankings for specific keywords) and targeted keyword marketing (including both pay-per-click advertising and pay-for-inclusion directories).

Through our initial consultations, ICUSA will determine the ideal month-by-month strategies that will ensure the success needed to put you ahead of the pack.

Getting the #1 ranking is only the beginning of your successful internet strategy. Being at the top demands persistent innovation to assure you of the position you achieved. Remember, you’re not the only internet presence vying for top billing in SE result rankings. Having ICUSA in your corner bolsters your position in the markets, and establishes you as a player to be reckoned with. Anything short of this level of performance, and the race can be over very quickly.

Feel free to contact us any time. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Consider us your resource to the web and marketing development world.