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A fully functional and effective website has two key objectives central to the design: 1. Traffic generation, 2. Conversion. Furthermore, additional elements are critical – those being SEO, Pay-per-click, Social Bookmarking and Social Media Network linkage. With the correct vision, one can allocate fewer resources to these areas than otherwise consumed. ICUSA knows the right mix of resource allocation and targeted linkage

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In conjunction with the central factors outlined above, a nimble Internet marketing Plan is a must. This will ensure a strategy that carefully selects the right tool for the desired outcome. By having a solid understanding of the “Five W’s” (Who, What, When, Where, Why), ICUSA will drive your efforts directly towards the sought-after results.

Whether a large corporation or an emerging business from the second-bedroom, ICUSA will analyze your core competencies, evaluate your key value propositions and provide you with a Gap Analysis that will be the platform ofr your Internet Marketing Strategy Plan. As such, you will enjoy the best possible ROI.

Search engine optimization - Site Optimization

Ultimately, “Content is King”. There is no silver bullet – no secret. You can have a beautiful site design, but without meaningful and compelling content, you will not attain the rankings you deserve. SEO is both Art AND Science. Establishing a high-impact web presence that “Pops” ultimately enhances your priority ranking status. The various search engines leverage their own proprietary algorithms to establish search result rankings. As such, “one-size’fits-all” designs cannot succeed. That’s where we come in.A properly executed Search Engine Optimization campaign will allow you to drive targeted traffic to your website by implementing the keywords that are critical for your type of business. The key word is “targeted”. Of utmost importance is that the visitors who come to your site are actually looking for your products or services.

Case in point, if you are a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon you might target keyword phrases like “buying house in Portland Oregon” or “Real Estate Agent Portland Oregon”, whereas searches for more generic phrases like “Real estate Oregon” or “house in Oregon” might yield much less relevant results

Here are a few check points ICUSA will do for your website:

  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-site analysis
  • Off-site analysis
  • Analysis / Reporting

Link Building

Off Page Search Engine Optimization. On-page factors are very critical for SEO, and the off page factors are even more so. Off-page optimization revolves around increasing your ‘link popularity’ by building up the number of links that point to your website from other websites in Google’s index.

More links = more traffic = more credibility.

This is one of the most critical components of a successful search engine marketing campaign.

General directory listings

There are a number of paid and free directories as well, such as Yahoo, the Open Directory Project, and where you can establish links to your site.

Web Marketing

Social media marketing is how today's companies interact and form lasting relationships with current and potentially future clientele. Because of its capability of targeting a broad-to-niche audience, social media is a course that has seeped its way into the marketing arsenal of many contemporary and forward-thinking companies, worldwide.

We believe that the Web thrives on interaction and the quality of information. When this belief is met with the willingness of our clients to adopt social media as a marketing strategy, we have been able to drive their brand into a new age of advertising and set them apart and above their competition.

By engaging social networks, blogs, hosted content, and shared media, a company can create, define, and maintain a face and voice beyond their website; effectively selling their product or service while feeding the social media frenzy.