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From a simple web presence featuring basic corporate information – to the multi-faceted and folder-structured websites featuring concatenated databases – to the “built-for-speed” eCommerce sites meant to quickly shepherd the buying from decision to purchase – each site profile must be sensitive to the nuances that can make or break the overall strategy’s success.

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Getting started

Study your competition. Visit Google, Yahoo or MSN and search for websites providing similar products / services as your own.. Focus on the top 10 search results (why? – because they proved to be most successful in their internet marketing.) Determine the pricepoints and value propositions you’ll need to extend to your clients in order to compete with these top-ten players.. Once you’ve identified the comparable sites, you will send us their web addresses so that we can put together the tactical and strategic plan that will give YOU the edge. After this initial consultation, we will provide scope to your project and extend a comprehensive proposal detailing our process. Our proposal and scope estimates will underscore your expected return on the investment!


Our goal is to create a quality website

In order to serve you best, we need a quality content to display on your website.
By content we mean:

  • Images (products, company, ...) - We can use your own images or a commercial images. Remember the picture is worth a thousant words and will play an important role in your company's image; make sure your pictures are high quality.
  • Articles, descriptions - Every quality website must have a contact and about us page to gain credibility. Think about the best way to describe your company (history, success, ...)
To insure smooth process and to deliver the project within a deadline, please have your content ready. If this is an issue we can help you by engaging a copywriter to write articles for you..

Designing the website

In this phaze we will design your new web presence with your design preferences on our mind.



Once you choose the look that you like, we begin a process of coding and creating your future www pages. We keep up with the web design standards, rules, accessibility and the code validation according to W3C (see for details).

You will be able to view your new website live on our testing server. We can help you choose the right domain name for your business.